Sunday, August 3, 2014

Best. Party. EVER!!!!!

My name is Annie, and my mom threw me the BEST PARTY IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE!!!!! It was a Harry Potter sleepover party! Best series ever. Not kidding. My mom wouldn't tell me ANYTHING. But I got to help make stuff, and I found the list of candies! (hee! hee! hee!)  See my mom's blog posting for that list!

On the day of the party, I was so excited. Eight awesome friends of mine came, and one of them was dressed up as my favorite character of all time: DOBBY THE HOUSE-ELF!!!!! Once all my friends got to my house, we had the Wand-Choosing Ceremony. I got the wand I had wanted! (Of course, I knew what the handle felt like, so...) 

Then it was time for the Sorting Ceremony. I was chosen for Gryffindor! One of my friends got chosen for Slytherin almost immediately, and he (the only boy) started freaking out, so he got re-sorted into Ravenclaw.


It was then time for Potions class with Professor Snape (my best friend's older brother).  He actually looks like Snape!  And sometimes he's just as moody!  The best thing about him being Snape was that he was the head of Slytherin House, and gave ME, a Gryffindor, 5 House Points.  (Snape is usually really biased toward his own House).  

Next was Divination class with Professor Trelawney.  She read our futures in the tea leaves.  It was so cool.  Mine was something about softball!

Then we had Transfiguration class with Professor McGonagall.  We transformed pills into foam animals, and then transformed ourselves into other characters from Harry Potter in the Transfiguration Booth (aka photo booth).  It was so cool!!

Then we had dinner...we had corned beef sandwiches (Ron hates them, but his mum makes them for him all the time!!), chocolate buttermilk sheet cake, and BUTTERBEER!!!!!  Butterbeer actually tastes really good, and I've had the real thing at Universal Orlando Resort - Islands of Adventure - the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

FINALLY we went to Honeydukes...the BEST CANDY STORE IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!!  It was SO AWESOME, the chocolate frogs were delicious, and the Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans actually tasted like every single flavor of jelly bean!!! One was red hot, and I got it!  Yow!!  I didn't eat too many red ones after that.

After Honeydukes, I opened my completely awesome presents, and then we watched "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone."  It was awesome, as always.  After it was over, we talked about random things, and cast this partially changed spell on each other (we tried to change each other into bum).  Yeah, we're weird kids.  Finally we all fell asleep...worst part of the party.

In the morning we watched the second Harry Potter movie, ate more candy, ate a breakfast of magic pancakes, and sang karaoke.  

Next year I want to do a Harry Potter/Percy Jackson party.  I don't know how my mom will do that, but I'm sure she can!

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